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Fanntum containers make healthy planting easy in 5 steps or less!
Lift Fanntum container with star lift loopsStep 1 - Lace lift loops in star fashion to provide easy handling of wire frame once fabric sides and bottom are removed
Cut top horizontal wire of  Fanntum container

Step 2 - Use wire cutters to cut top horizontal wire both left and right of each nursery container lift loop.

Since fabric sides are only attached between lift loops, Fanntum fabric is now free to be cut and removed.

Free fabric for easy removal from wire basket
Make a vertical cut in Fanntum container fabric

Step 3 - Vertically slit and pull down side fabric from top horizontal wire close to bottom horizontal wire.

Fanntum's top horizontal wire easily pulls down with planter fabric, leaving lift loops intact and laced for easy moving of plant container.

Pull down Fanntum container fabric
Lift plant away from planter fabric

Step 4 - Lift plant away from fabric and place in planting hole with wire basket intact.

For machine lifting, attach chain hook where star lacing crosses.

Place lift hook under star lacing
Remove star lacing

Step 5 - Remove star lacing and bend lift loops down inside planting hole.

Resulting top 4-5 inches of unobstructed side surface allows stabilization root growth to grow uninhibited into surrounding soil.

Bend down Fanntum nursery container lift loops
Lift loops bent out of way during planting
For both easy planting and an environmentally friendly planting system, Fanntum's unique wire basket naturally decomposes in soil.
Downward facing Fanntum planter lift loops

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