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   —   produce the best fibrous root system

   —   produce larger plants faster

   —   provide the longest saleable shelf life

   —   eliminate root circling

   —   allow the easiest planting ever

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The Next Generation of Nursery Industry Containers

Fanntum Products, Inc. produces the BEST GREEN GROWING CONTAINER for the nursery industry, surpassing all nursery container competition.

Fanntum Nursery ContainersOur lightweight air root pruning nursery containers feature a unique combination of wire basket frame surrounded by a sturdy fabric covering that is hog ring stapled to the top horizontal wire for easy removal.

The woven fabric sides and non-woven fabric bottom are easily removed for planting, leaving an intact and unfractured air root pruned root system held together by a biodegradable wire basket.

A healthy rootball is planted complete with the surrounding basket, providing the plant with increased stability and an improved chance of survival. The wire basket conveniently decomposes, causing no ill effects to the plant or surrounding soil.

No other nursery container can match these unique features. From plastic pots and plastic perforated rings to to plastic or wood boxes and fabric-wrapped fencing, our premium lightweight nursery containers beat the competition hands down.

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Nursery Containers Featuring Natural Air Root Pruning

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