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Grow plants larger faster!
Hand Potting field grown plants in Fanntum Containers provides a lighter root ball and encourages quicker rooting.
Potting Up/Stepping Up to a larger Fanntum Container as plants increase in size, stimulates rapid root growth and grows an overall healthier plant.
Remove the plant material to be stepped up from the smaller container.Loosen up root system to make sure there is no existing root circling. 
Add soil mix to bottom of Fanntum Container to achieve proper height in container once plant is placed.
While adding soil mix to the new Fanntum Container, make sure all voids are filled between the root ball and the sides of the container.
Once the container is filled, use a tamping device to compact the soil mix.Water in plant after soil has been compacted.

Field Potting & Shipping includes digging a field grown plant by hand or by machine and placing the plant in a Fanntum Container as a shipping and holding device. This practice has been done for years with plastic containers, but with the advantages of the Fanntum Container there is a swell of new interest.

Even though field potting is not a new technology, use of Fanntum Containers does put it in the 21st Century. Air root pruning, elimination of root circling, use of the wire basket for handling, and the ability to remove the fabric exterior without harming the root structure while planting, have all made this harvesting method an ideal option.

Fanntum baskets and liners are pre-assembled waiting for shipment to the field.Dutchman Tree Spades makes a Fanntum Digger in any size. The contour of the digger matches the contour of the Fanntum basket perfectly.Once the plant has been dug, the Fanntum Container is placed over the digger blades.
The Fanntum Liner is pulled up taught to remove any wrinkles in the side walls and to hold the soil ball tightly.All Fanntum Containers come with a sewn in instruction tag. This particular tag was produced in a color required by a big box store.Field potted Fanntum Containers await final lacing of the top and loading for a ride to the end user.
Pictured above is an eighty-year-old balled and burlapped Japanese Maple that was brought from Oregon to Tennessee and readied for placement in the model #2700 Fanntum container. Note the two lift straps placed under the root ball and secured across the top of the root ball. Forks are placed between the top of the root ball and the lift straps so the plant can be easily lowered into the Fanntum container. This balled and burlapped Japanese maple was placed in the #2700 Fanntum container the last week of April and is being removed the first week of August. The root ball measured 66" across when placed in the Fanntum that measured 77" across. In less than 100 days the plant completely rooted in from side to side and top to bottom. When removed from the Fanntum container very little soil was lost due to the healthy fibrous root system. Instead of shipping the Fanntum Container with the Japanese Maple, this customer chose to remove the container and then stretch wrap the root ball for shipment to the job site. The lifting straps have been left in place during the entire process to give everyone involved a way to handle the 3000 pound-plus root ball. The stretch wrap will be removed completely, the straps will be either removed totally when planted or removed from the top and sides of the root ball so as not to cause any problems with root growth in the future.

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