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See for yourself why Fanntum Nursery Containers beat the competition!
Fanntum fibrous root system Standard black pot root circling
Fanntum containers use Air Root Pruning to eliminate root circling. The oak in this picture was grown in a Fanntum container for 24 months and showed no root circling. Notice the cutout showing the fibrous root system which entirely filled up the entire Fanntum Container. This root growth habit protects the roots in summer because of soil temperatures 20 to 30 degrees less than a solid black plastic container and also protects the roots in winter because the majority of the roots are in the interior of the container soil. When using a traditional black plastic container, root circling is a common problem. Not only does the circling continue once planted, the plant will slowly show stress problems associated with the lack of a fibrous root system. The plant will also show stress because of much higher soil temperatures in the summer months and more damage in the winter months because of the root system being at the perimeter of the container. Notice the cutout showing the void in the root system in the interior of the container and the lack of a fibrous root system and the circling roots half as big as the trunk on the plant.

Because of Fanntum Containers, nurserymen can grow better plants faster by producing both a superior root system and a healthier plant.

The porous surface of the Fanntum Container allows both unique air root pruning to prevent root circling and a built-in heat escape route for a cooler soil mix and faster growing plants. The innovative wire basket skeleton allows easy loading and planting.

For the field grower, Fanntum Containers allow plants to be dug and held for months, long after a normal pre-dug plant would be showing ill effects of being stored above ground with no protection for the root system.

So, whether you operate a container nursery or a field grown nursery, there is a Fanntum Container that will meet your needs and help grow your business!

Plastic Pot Problems

Just name a container problem and you will likely find plastic pots — root circling, difficult container handling, rapid plastic degradation, splitting, difficult plant removal. All these and more come with plastic pots.
Plastic & Wood Box Problems

A high cost for the box itself and expensive freight are common problems for either. A 125 gallon box can easily cost $50 plus another $4-5 for freight. A rough and unsightly appearance usually follows a long nursery stay and wood decays rapidly upon contact with the soil.
Plastic Perforated Ring Problems

While rings help to enable a more stable root system, difficult container handling and a lack of structure to hold the root ball together are key problems. Soil mix loss is common and perforations allow grass to germinate in openings.
Fabric Only & Fabric-Wrapped Fencing Problems

Already subject to tipping and slouching, fabric or fabric-wrapped wire fencing complicates movement and shipping when buckets or forks encounter unattached bottoms and an absence of lift loops. Mandatory container removal before planting results in fractured root balls and severed roots.

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