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Fanntum's History

With over thirty years experience in and around the nursery and landscape industry, I had continuously heard from both container growers and field growers that there had to be a better way to grow plants in the nursery industry.

For container growers, problems included a short shelf life or selling window, handling issues, root circling problems and planting issues. Field growers experienced a short digging season with fields either too wet to dig or so dry as to require hauling water. And all reported... a short income period.

So, starting with a flat bottom Clegg style basket and a few yards of non-woven polypropylene fabric, I designed and assembled the first Fanntum Container.

After many variations and extensive testing, a combination of both woven and non-woven fabrics were combined with a sturdy wire basket using standard dimensions from container nurserymen. Eventually, the superior Fanntum Container was born.

Today, from a rural location in North Carolina, Fanntum Containers that are 100% proudly made in the USA are making their way around the globe.

Alan Fann       

Alan Fann, owner of Fanntum Products, Inc., is the designer and developer of Fanntum Containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today's nursery customers expect nothing but the BEST from container growers. And beyond a desire for good looking and healthy plants, customers also demand a solid root system, ease of plant handling and low cost.

FANNTUM CONTAINERS are here to help grow your business!

Fanntum Containers are unlike any other nursery container in the market today!

How are Fanntum Containers constructed?

Fanntum wire baskets provide the structure or framework of our containers while high UV protected woven and non-woven fabrics cover the side walls and bottom.

Fanntum fabric side walls are designed not to stretch, thus eliminating sags and wrinkles when filled. Side and bottom fabrics are sewn together using only high UV protected thread that allows many years of exposure to the sun with no ill effects.

Fanntum assembly is simple. Fabric is placed around the wire basket and attached to the top horizontal wire with either galvanized wire staples or galvanized hog rings. Fanntum containers may be ordered either pre-assembled or unassembled. Visit our ASSEMBLY page for illustrated instructions.

Why are Fanntum Containers green?

  1. Green reflects our "GREEN" environmentally-friendly product which uses only 1/10 of the petroleum based plastic found in a standard plastic pot
  2. Green fabric sides and a porous fabric bottom allow a cooler soil mix temperature resulting in faster rooting and more rapid root ball growth to fill the container.
  3. Green is retail friendly at the re-wholesaler or garden center level
  4. Green distinguishes Fanntum containers from traditional black plastic containers at a glance

How are Fanntum Containers handled or moved?

The Fanntum Container was designed to be both the most easy handling and easy shipping nursery container in the market!

Nurseries can easily pick up plants using the lift loops designed into the basket. Fanntum Containers can be moved either by hand... or by straps or chains on a lift boom or loader bucket.

Landscapers no longer need to pull plant material out of a container by the trunk or struggle with cutting a difficult container apart! They can easily pull off outside fabric and still have a wire basket lifting structure to move or lift plants. Fanntum Containers prevent root balls from fracturing and keep root systems intact during planting. Lift loops provide multiple lifting or handling options. Visit our PLANTING page for illustrated instructions.

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